How To Listen

The easiest way to listen to our station is to use the player at the bottom of this page. This player works well on smartphones, tablets and PC’s, however it does not always send song title updates while the device is locked. If you’re tethering your device to a stereo unit (highly recommended) and wish the song information to update even when the screen is locked you can use the pop-out player by clicking here. Pro-tip: Bookmark your player to your home screen for fast access!

To use Winamp, VLC or any other streaming audio player you may paste this link into the URL field:

Audio Quality

Over 90% of our music library is sourced from Compact Disc and 44.1KHz/16 bit lossless files and we also have many songs in higher resolution and bit depth. This means that the MP3 transport from our station to your “tuner” is the first and only time the audio is compressed and we’re delivering you higher quality audio than any FM station and most streaming services. Using bluetooth audio devices will re-compress the audio again, so for the full Hi-Fi experience we recommend wired AUX cables, USB, HDMI, or S/PDIF connections to get the best quality from our stream.