If you would like to contact us:

  • For urgent matters:
    Call/Text/WhatsApp: (785) 407-7145 (no spam/soliciting calls – we will block you)
  • For general inquiries:
    • E-mail:
    • Mail: Oak Grove Radio
      622 Elm St.
      Minneapolis KS 67467
  • We accept Compact Disc donations at our mailing address. Let us know if you’d like your discs returned.

If you would like to submit music/spoken word/poetry to us for airplay please use this form:

Please send clean/radio friendly version of your mastered track if available. Explict lyrics will be edited as necessary.
Allowed formats: flac, alac, aiff, wav, mp3 (flac format is preferred). Do not "upconvert" mp3's to another format before uploading.
reCAPTCHA is required.

We listen to each submission to ensure compliance with FCC rules and reserve the right to make any necessary edits.

We will NEVER charge or accept payment for airplay (payola). Our primary mission is to support local and regional arts and we are more than happy to share your works with our audience!