The simplest way to listen is to use the player above. The web player works on smartphones, tablets and PC’s. You can click the “pop out” icon to pop the player into it’s own tab. Protip: You can save this tab to your phone’s home screen or browser bookmarks for easy listening access.

If you’d like to use Winamp or VLC (or just your good old web browser) to tune our station here are the links:
Oak Grove Radio (HD)
Oak Grove Radio

Audio Quality

We believe that whenever practical music should be experienced in the highest fidelity possible but we also understand the need to conserve data in some situations. To facilitate this we offer two streams (HD and standard) that you may choose using the |< and >| buttons on the player.

  • The standard quality stream (128 Kbps MP3 Icecast) is labeled “Oak Grove Radio”.
  • The high quality stream (320 Kbps MP3 Shoutcast) is labeled “Oak Grove Radio (HD)”.

The high quality stream requires 2.5x more data than the standard quality stream so we recommend the high quality stream for unlimited use internet connections.

Over 95% of our music library is sourced from Compact Disc and 44.1KHz/16 bit lossless files and we also have many songs in higher resolution and bit depth. This means that the MP3 transport from our station to your “tuner” is the first and only time the audio is compressed and we’re delivering you higher quality audio than any FM station and most streaming services. Using bluetooth audio devices will re-compress the audio again, so for the full Hi-Fi experience we recommend wired AUX cables, USB, HDMI, or S/PDIF connections to get the most from the HD stream.